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Discover How to Harness the Evolutionary Forces.
That Influence Your Growth and Potential to.
Make a Greater Impact in Our World

If you’re on a course of self-development,

you might be experiencing the state of the world today and questioning how this is possible.

How, with all that is understood about human advancement and capacity, is the world still in such a deep state of chaos and dispute?

How is it possible that we’re capable of exploring our planetary system, creating the web, and deciphering our DNA, however we can’t fix our more basic international issues– like appetite, hardship, and armed dispute?

There are undoubtedly much deeper problems that avoid us from resolving the large range of issues all of us deal with.

If you’re familiar with Ken’s work, you might currently understand a few of the evolutionary characteristics that are affecting these problems.

The reality is, whether we understand these subtle evolutionary forces or not, they form our world-views and our societies. They affect every action we take. They form our specific lives and our neighborhoods.

The discovery of these evolutionary characteristics is among the most crucial insights into humanity in modern-day history and has extensive ramifications for our future if we can discover to how to harness these forces to accelerate our advancement and impact higher modification in our world.


Throughout history …

Throughout history, people have actually found brand-new possibilities and innovations through focused query into the concepts of nature.

For example, the discovery of optics caused the the development of telescopes and microscopic lens. This opened advancements in medication and a much deeper understanding of our universe.

The discovery of electrical power offered us light and innovation. This made the modern-day world and digital transformation possible.

Each time we find more about the much deeper structures of our truth, we open higher capabilities to create modification, in ourselves and worldwide around us.

Consider the discovery of the Tradewinds …


Just think about, as one example of the power of comprehending natural forces, the discovery of the trade winds. These are the winds that blow in constant patterns over the surface area of our world.

When pioneering mariners initially found these winds, they reinvented life in the world and started what historians call, “The Age of Sail.” This was the dawn of worldwide trade and travel. The world’s excellent civilizations started to experience one another in both dispute and cooperation.

It exposed brand-new areas, brand-new chances, and brand-new dangers. And it essentially altered the fate of life in the world. For much better or even worse, specific lives, local economies, and even whole countries were permanent changed.

And the benefit remained in the hands of those who genuinely comprehended the Tradewinds. When a secret, the ocean winds, ended up being an ally to those who discovered to deal with them.

The evolutionary characteristics of human development and advancement are just like those ocean trade winds …

Once found and mastered, they can permit you to improve your course and your fate, and add to the change of life in the world.

Harvard Studies on Self-Evolution


Robert Kegan, teacher of Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School is a pioneering scientist on the leading edge of this discovery.

He initially provided the concept of self advancement in his 1982 book, The Evolving Self. According to Kegan, self advancement implies to take obligation for your internal authority. To develop your own worths and ideologies, independent of those you’ve been handed by culture and by society as a whole.

In Kegan’s work at Harvard, his research study exposed the particular phases or “orders” of mindful all of us grow through, and they are genuinely interesting.

Evolutionary Dynamics
A Five-Volume Advanced Training

Unlock the Power Of Levels/Lines/tates/ Types/Quadrants


Evolutionary Dynamics is the most extensive, thorough research study of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory ever produced. This five-volume sophisticated program guides you, detailed, through each of the lenses of the Integral Framework, providing you an unbelievable chance to get a Masters-level understanding of the evolutionary characteristics that form your life and our entire truth.

Once you completely comprehend and have actually deeply incorporated the interaction of these characteristics in your everyday experience, you will no longer be at the impulse and will of those forces and can rather direct them to develop enduring effect in every location of your own life and in our world.

Over the 18 months of the program, you will find how to genuinely see those characteristics at work in every minute of your own life and in the lives of household, coworkers and good friends, allowing you to faster adjust to brand-new circumstances, discover brand-new abilities, and utilize brand-new chances when they develop.

The program will offer you with whatever you’ll require to cultivate and actualize your greatest capacities and assist others around you do the exact same.

With this broadened awareness, that you can to hire for the rest of your life, an entire brand-new vistas of possibility will open for you and you will have the capability to genuinely end up being the designer of your own self-transformation.

Course Information

Master the important structure to harness the forces.
that impact human development and advancement

In Ken’s Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training Program, you will find how to masterfully browse the subtle currents of advancement, enabling you to then start to deal with them to genuinely “self change” your life to impact genuine modification in the domains that are essential to you.

When You Register


Here Is Everything You’ll Receive.

Volume I: Levels of Development

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Levels, you’ll dive deep into the 8 phases that are the substratum of all cultural and specific advancement, Archaic, Magic, Magic/Mythic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Super Integral. Under Ken’s mentorship, you’ll be directed, step-by-step through the exceptional surface of each emergent level of human advancement and how they play out in your life. At the same time you’ll find how these levels discreetly run within your awareness and how they exceptionally affect the ideas, beliefs and actions of all individuals and neighborhoods on our world. Ken will then reveal you how to utilize your understanding of those levels to assist you on your journey to Self-Authorship.

What you’ll discover in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume I

  • Harness the hidden capabilities of each level and the evolutionary obstacles you need to deal with to achieve them.
  • Illuminate the covert pathologies fundamental in each level and discover the tools you require to restore them to stabilize.
  • Discover how to use the special qualities of each level of advancement to catalyze your psycho-spiritual advancement
  • Uncover the ancient roots of human culture and the exceptional trajectory of our astonishing future

Volume II: Lines of Development

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Lines, you’ll take what you discovered in Volume One and utilize it to check out the 7 secret lines of human advancement in exacting information: Cognitive, Intrapersonal, Emotional/Irrational, Somatic, Moral, Spiritual, and Willpower. With Ken as your guide, you’ll find precisely how each of line of advancement acts at each level, and how to be knowledgeable about their subtle and not so subtle impacts on your habits and experiences. When you genuinely comprehend these forces, you will have the ability to make a remarkable shift in your moment-to-moment engagement with your life and the world around you.

What you’ll discover in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume II

  • Illuminate the abilities and knowledge each line offers you access to.
  • Identify the lines where you are strong and discover how to utilize your strengths in any circumstance.
  • Identify your weak points and find methods reinforce them or work around them.
  • Discover how to utilize the lines to recognize brand-new capacities you can desire and access to attain your objectives.

Volume III: States of Consciousness

The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on States is the next action on your journey to self authorship as you take a deep dive with Ken into the 5 states of awareness: Gross (Waking), Subtle (Dreaming), Causal (Deep Dreamless Sleep), Witness, and Non Dual. Ken will provide you a mind-blowing and extensive trip of each state and reveal you how every one can be efficiently utilized to achieve particular objectives. Ken will then reveal you how to utilize your extensive brand-new clearness to additional action towards self-authorship in every location of your life.

What you’ll discover in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume III

  • Experience an advanced brand-new insight into what you can accessing within your own interior.
  • Learn practices that will increase your efficiency in every state.
  • Develop an entire brand-new understanding of the world’s faith customs.
  • Identify brand-new development possibilities that will improve your life.


Volume IV: Drives and types

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Types, you will broaden on whatever you’ve checked out up until now. With Ken next to you every action of the method, you will start a deep expedition of the 4 core types or drives that impact specific expression of evolutionary characteristics: Eros, the upward drive towards change), Agape (the down drive towards welcoming love), Agency (horizontal individuation), and Communion (vertical individuation). Ken will dig deep into the complexities of what these drives are and how they form our lives and our cultures.

What you’ll discover in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume IV

  • Discover the much deeper factors behind our natural behavioral propensities towards one or another.
  • Learn practices you can engage to incorporate healthy expressions of all 4 types/drives into your life.
  • Uncover the possible allergic reactions and pathologies that accompany each type and discover how to prevent them.
  • Understand how your gender affects your evolutionary course.


Volume V: Evolutionary Dimension (Quadrants)

The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Quadrants is the most game-changing and extensive volume of the whole Evolutionary Dynamics Library. It gathers whatever you’ve discovered in the very first 4 volumes and plots the aspects within the 4 measurements or quadrants of truth. With Ken you’ll check out the interconnected relationship of each level, line, state, and type within each of the quadrants. This is conclusion of your Journey of Self-Authorship where you’ll unite all of the tools in one Masters toolkit you can utilize to form and improve your life, once again and once again.

What you’ll discover in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume V

  • Discover how to gain access to tools that will permit you to identify your health, the health of others, and even of companies within each measurement.
  • Identify which measurements are most unpleasant and foreign for you.
  • Leverage your strengths in one domain to assist your weak points in another.
  • Discover how you can best impact modification in each quadrant.


When You Enroll, You Will Also Receive …

World-Renowned Guest Facilitators


During Ken’s initial training, his visitor professors consisted of stars such as Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Tami Simon, Robert Masters, Seane Corn, David Wolf, and lots of others who kindly used to assist in extra trainings to accompany the course. For the Evolutionary Dynamics advanced training, Ken will be working together with lots of brand-new idea leaders and instructors to assist in complimentary sessions that will reveal you how to use the Integral Framework in the real life. Furthermore, when you enlist in the Evolutionary Dynamics training, you’ll have the chance to recommend particular facilitators and believed leaders you would like us to connect to for Ken to talk to or to lead extra trainings. These sessions will be custom-made to offer real-world examples of how to use the important structure in a wide range contexts.


Unlimited Lifetime Access

When you enlist in the 5-Volume Evolutionary Dynamics advanced training, you’ll get an Unlimited Lifetime Membership to the program. This consists of the online knowing platform, course products, and all future updates to the course. We will be constantly developing this training based upon trainee involvement and feedback so you can feel confident that you’ll have unlimited access to the training as it establishes, anytime you like, for the rest of your life.


What You’ll Receive …

Over 25+ hours of Advanced Audio Teachings with Ken

These unique mentors for the Evolutionary Dynamics training are conclusion of 6 months of preparation and over a month of live recording with Ken at his loft in Denver Colorado. In these unusual recordings, Ken distills the core essence of his life’s operate in the most extensive mentors on Integral Theory he’s ever taped. In these effective sessions he not just teaches “Integral Theory” however an in depth method to “Integral Practice” and how to finest use his effective structure in your relationships, your work and your life.

Over 25+ hours of Animated Video Teachings with Narration

In order to much better interact the ideas provided in Evolutionary Dynamics, we have actually taken the core audio from Ken’s 5-volume sophisticated training and have actually produced a complimentary visual discussion to improve knowing and memorization. In addition to the movement graphics video, the course audio has actually been re-recorded with an expert storyteller to even more improve the discussion and increase your listening enjoyment.

5-Volume Evolutionary Dynamics Book Collection

Each volume of Evolutionary Dynamics features 3 special books, in either physical and digital format, to advise you on the subtleties of the evolutionary vibrant structure. The very first book includes modified records of the core mentors and practices. The 2nd book includes over 30 hours of modified Question & & Answer sessions that even more clarify on the subtlety of structure. Both of these special texts are very important preparatory products for the 3rd copy in the series, a 5-part workbook developed to assist you incorporate the core lessons into your moment-to-moment awareness.


Private Online Learning Platform

When the Evolutionary Dynamics Program begins, you’ll access to our exclusive online discovering platform where you’ll have all of the audio, video and discovering resources within your reaches. In addition, you’ll likewise get access to the effective course rewards and online neighborhood functions. Our platform has actually been custom-made to work perfectly on desktop and mobile phones so that you can access and download the Evolutionary Dynamics Training volumes anywhere and anytime.

Facilitated Community Sessions and Forums

As you advance through the Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training, you’ll have the chance to engage with others in our varied international neighborhood. We will be helping with seminar in both online forums and on live interactive calls to go over how to use the evolutionary characteristics structure to real-world obstacles. This is an impressive chance to get in touch with and support other mindful individuals of like mind and heart through this empowering journey of change.

Transformative Practices and Self-Diagnostic Exercises

Throughout the Evolutionary Dynamics Program, Ken masterfully weaves in his special transformative practices and directed meditations to plainly show how you can incorporate these extensive mentors into your waking truth. In addition, you’ll get PDF self-diagnostic practices for each volume of the training to assist you evaluate where you remain in your present advancement and to tailor your day-to-day practice to cultivate your special presents and capacities.


Integration Questions and Quizzes

After each volume of the Evolutionary Dynamics Training you’ll get informative combination concerns developed to assist you examine and keep the core mentors of the Integral structure. You’ll likewise be challenged with tests at bottom lines in your training to check your understanding, unlock extra benefit material, and get your certificate of conclusion.
Sign Up With Kens Global Community of Learning and Practice …

Throughout human history, the world’s biggest theorists have actually collected trainees around them to study the nature of life and the secrets of our universe, and those neighborhoods have actually played a considerable function in the advancement of human civilization.

We welcome you to sign up with such a neighborhood, as we check out and practice this deeply transformative work.

If you’re motivated to harness the evolutionary forces that are govern your development and capacity, to change yourself and our world, we ‘d enjoy to have you join us.

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